Southern Bulgaria, southern Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, and Greece including many of the Aegean Islands. 


Podarcis erhardii  (BEDRIAGA, 1882)

Subspecies (20):

Podarcis erhardii erhardii  (BEDRIAGA, 1882)

Podarcis erhardii amorgensis  (WERNER, 1933)

Podarcis erhardii biinsulicola  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii buchholzi  (WETTSTEIN, 1956)

Podarcis erhardii kinarensis  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii levithensis  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii livadiacus  (WERNER, 1902)

Podarcis erhardii makariaisi  (WETTSTEIN, 1956)

Podarcis erhardii megalophthenae  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii mykonensis  (WERNER, 1933)

Podarcis erhardii naxensis  (WERNER, 1899)

Podarcis erhardii ophidusae  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii pachiae  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii phytiusae  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii riveti  (CHABANAUD, 1919)

Podarcis erhardii ruthveni  (WERNER, 1930)

Podarcis erhardii subobscurus  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii syrinae  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Podarcis erhardii thermiensis  (WERNER, 1935)

Podarcis erhardii zafranae  (WETTSTEIN, 1937)

Population (1):

Podarcis erhardii Santorin Population 


Lacerta uralis subsp. fusca var. erhardii  BEDRIAGA, 1882

Podarcis erhardi  ENGELMANN et al, 1993

Common names:

Erhard’s Wall Lizard (English)
Ägäische Mauereidechse (German)
Kykladen-Mauereidechse (German)
Σιλιβούτι (Greek)

Taxonomic notes:

In this species, too, a vast number of subspecies have been described on the basis of completely inadequate material (especially by WETTSTEIN). Although two molecular analyses of this species are available, the authors have avoided drawing taxonomic conclusions from their results. The subspecies are therefore listed in full. The populations of Crete and its marginal islands as well as two islets north of the island of Andikithira (between the Peloponnese and Crete) were separated from P. erhardii as independent species (P. cretensis and P. levendis).


Relevant taxonomic literature:

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