Southern central and southwestern Iberian peninsula (Spain, Portugal). 


Podarcis virescens  GENIEZ et al., 2014


Lacerta oxycephala var. hispanica  STEINDACHNER, 1870

Podarcis hispanica  ENGELMANN et al, 1993

Podarcis hispanica virescens  GENIEZ, 2001

Podarcis hispanica type 2  MONTORI et al, 2005

Podarcis hispanicus  BÖHME & KÖHLER, 2005


Holotype: MNHN-RA 2012.0264, formerly BEV.1898, holotype by present designation; an adult male caught by P. Geniez, P.-A. Crochet and O. Chaline on 23rd June 2001, (location in Fig. 12). Paratypes: BEV.1899, 1901, males, BEV.1900, female from Villanueva de los Escuderos, in the village (Spain, province of Cuenca) (40.0417°N / 2.3025°W) (see Fig. 14 for BEV.1900); BEV.1909, 1911-1912, males, BEV.1910, female, from Albalate de Zorita, in the village (NNE. Tarancón, Spain, province of Guadalajara) (40.308°N / 2.845°W) (see Fig. 13 for BEV.1911); BEV.7525, male from the motorway service area 4 km SW. of Ciempozuelos (between Aranjuez and Valdemoro, Spain, province of Madrid) (40.1341°N / 3.6563°W)(see Fig. 15); BEV.10940-941, males from 2.4 km NW. of Torrelaguna (province of Madrid) (40.8404°N / 3.5634°W); BEV.10979, male from San Andres del Congosto, cultivated plaine 500 m east of the village (province of Guadalajara) (40.9994°N / 3.0213°W), 840 m elevation.

Terra Typica:

1 km past Villanueva de los Escuderos towards Cuenca by the road CUV-7037 (Spain, province of Cuenca) [40.0436°N / 2.2916°W], 1,014 m. elevation.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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