Turkey / Vilayets Erzurum and Kars. 


Darevskia uzzelli  (DAREVSKY & DANIELYAN, 1977)


Lacerta uzzelli  DAREVSKY & DANIELYAN, 1977

Darevskia uzzelli  ARRIBAS, 1997

Common names:

Uzzell’s Lizard (English)
Uzzell’s Felseneidechse (German)


Holotype: CAS 105689, adult female.

Terra Typica:

25 km S of Kars in NE Turkey.

Taxonomic notes:

Etymology: Named after Thomas M. Uzzell Jr. (b. 1932), American herpetologist, who in the 1970s worked with I.S. Darevsky in Armenia and Georgia on a project to study parthenogenesis in rock lizards of the Caucasus.

Parthenogenetic unisexual species.




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