Angola / southwestern Angola. 


Heliobolus bivari  MARQUES et al., 2022


Heliobolus lugubris  [part]: BRANCH 1998: 161; CERIACO et al. 2016: 56; MARQUES et al. 2018: 213; BRANCH et al. 2019a: 31

Eremias lugubris  [part]: BOCAGE 1895: 31; BOULENGER 1921: 243.

Common names:

Virulundo Bushveld Lizard, Bivar`s Bushveld Lizard (English)
Virulundo-Sonnenrenner (German)


Holotype: CAS 266287 (adult female), field number AMB 10633.

Terra Typica:

Angola, Namibe Province, Virulundo (-16.2852, 12.9419; 718 m a.s.l.).

Taxonomic notes:

The first records attributable to Heliobolus bivari sp. nov. are those provided by Bocage (1895) from Capangombe and Maconjo, followed by those of Boulenger (1921) from “Konondoto, Mossamedes”. After decades without published records, Ceríaco et al. (2016) and Branch and Tolley (2017) provided additional localities for the species in the Namibe Province. All these records were originally identified as H. lugubris. Branch and Tolley (2017) presented the first evidence that the Angolan populations of Heliobolus, namely those in Namibe, western Huíla and Benguela provinces, corresponded to two putative new taxa: Heliobolus sp. 1 and Heliobolus sp. 2, the first of which is referable to Heliobolus bivari sp. nov.

MARQUES et al., 2022

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Marques, M.P. & Ceríaco, L.M.P. & Heinicke, M.P. & Chehouri, R.M. & Conradie, W. & Tolley, K.A. & Bauer, A.M. (2022) -  The Angolan bushveld lizards, genus Heliobolus Fitzinger, 1843 (Squamata: Lacertidae): Integrative taxonomy and the description of two new species. -  Vertebrate Zoology, 72: 745–769 (DOI 10.3897/vz.72.e85269).    




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