India,Gujarat, Dahod district (22.528250, 74.131611). 

Uncertain species:

Ophisops agarwali  PATEL & VYAS, 2020

Common names:

Agarwal’s snake-eye (English)


Holotype: BNHS 2750, adult female, collected by Raju Vyas on 30 April 2000.

Terra Typica:

Plateau near Bhuvero (22.528250, 74.131611; ca. 630 m a.s.l.), Ratanmahal, Dahod district, Gujarat, India.

Taxonomic notes:

This species was described from a single female specimen collected in 2000 from a plateau in Dahod district in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The authors (PATEL & VYAS) found no surviving population at the type locality or in the surrounding area. This suggests that Ophisops agarwali already be extinct.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Patel, H. & Vyas, R. (2020) -  Lost before being recognized? A new species of the genus Ophisops (Squamata: Lacertidae) from Gujarat, India. -  Ecologica Montenegrina, 35: 31-44.